Steam gives Satellite Reign, 7 Days to Die and others the Greenlight

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Steam gives Satellite Reign, 7 Days to Die and others the Greenlight
The latest round of Steam Greenlight-approved games is headlined by a few Kickstarter successes, perhaps most notably the only-recently-funded Satellite Reign. The Syndicate Wars-inspired real-time strategy title achieved around $611K in backing, and now heads to Valve's portal alongside open-world zombie horror 7 Days to Die and 70s sci-fi god game Maia.

7 Days to Die even-more-recently achieved its Kickstarter goal of $200K and still has six days of its campaign to go, while Maia from indie dev Simon Roth, self-described as Dwarf Fortress meets Dungeon Keeper, was funded on Kickstarter late last year.

Other highlights from the round of 15 include The Novelist, in which you play a ghost who observes and shapes the lives of a family, the re-release of 90s horror The 7th Guest, sci-fi janitorial sim (yes really) Viscera Cleanup Detail, and another Kickstarter success in Nekro, which mixes Diablo-style gameplay with the charming art of necromancy.

We've got the full list of newly Greenlit games after the break.
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