Peek app brings eye exams to the developing world, no attachment required

Brian Heater
B. Heater|08.15.13

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Traffic apps and email clients are all well and good, but there are few things that really highlight the world-changing potential of the smartphone as well as medical applications. People delivering access to affordable care in developing nations always serve as friendly reminder that our devices can be so much more than distracting casual gaming platforms. Eye examinations are one of the clearest applications on that front -- around three years ago, MIT's Media Lab introduced us to a $2 box that could transform handsets into a mobile eye clinic.

Peek offers much of the same, albeit without the need for a (relatively) bulky add-on. Developed by members of the International Center for Eye Health, the app can conduct visual acuity, color vision tests, among several others. It also keeps a record of patients examined along with geotagged info. You can check out a nice piece on Peek in the via link below, and for more info on the app and the people behind it, peep the source link.

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