Twelve South HiRise for iPhone 5/iPad mini: Adjustable, affordable, attractive

Design house Twelve South is dedicated to creating Apple accessories that you want to buy, and its latest product is no exception. The HiRise (US$34.99) is a charging desk stand created for two of Apple's mobile products -- the iPhone 5 and iPad mini -- and is different from most similar stands in that it is adjustable to fit a variety of iPhone cases.


Like all Twelve South products, the HiRise comes to you in an attractive box with a sincere "Thank You." Some assembly is required, so instructions on setting up the HiRise are available in a small booklet, or you can choose to watch the process online.

The HiRise is beautifully machined out of aluminum, featuring a flat stand that is sized to be stable under the load of an iPad mini, a short riser that contains one of three plastic clips (more on those later), and another taller riser that serves as a back rest for your device.

The base has a rubber foundation to help keep it from moving; it also has the side benefit of toning down those loud buzzes when your iPhone is in vibrate mode and sitting on a hard surface.


As mentioned earlier, the HiRise needs a wee bit of assembly. An Allen wrench is secreted under a plastic door on the bottom of the base; it's used to install a four screws later on. You need to provide your own Lightning cable as well, so if you want to keep your existing cable for mobile charges, head on out to your local Apple Store and purchase another one.

Twelve South includes three custom plastic clips that are used to hold the Lightning connector at varying distances from the base. For situations where you aren't using a case with your iPhone 5 or iPad mini, you use the "0" clip. For a case with some extra depth -- the OtterBox Defender, for example -- the "5" clip is more appropriate. Thinner cases like the Griffin Reveal or Speck CandyShell use the intermediate "3" clip. I use a Mophie Juice Pack Helium and recharge my iPhone 5 with the bottom of the case removed, so I chose to install the "0" clip.

Twelve South HiRise for iPhone 5iPad mini Adjustable, affordable, attractive

Next, you install the rear support -- what I called the "back rest" -- and adjust it to match the thickness of the case. I wouldn't suggest using the HiRise with a case that's thicker than the Juice Pack Helium, as I had to move the rear support as far back as possible to accommodate the battery pack.

Once everything is adjusted, the Lightning cable can be snugged into a channel on the bottom of the stand and the plastic door snapped back into place. And voila! You now have an attractive aluminum stand on which your iPhone 5 or iPad mini can stand in style while charging up.

It's no secret that I really like Twelve South's products. It's also no secret that I usually think their products are overpriced. The HiRise is a refreshing exception to that rule -- it's well worth the $35 in terms of the quality of the materials, the custom fit, and the solid functionality.


For many people, just plopping their iPhone or iPad mini down on a desktop for charging is fine. But for those who would rather have an attractive stand that holds your device above the clutter, the Twelve South HiRise for iPhone 5/iPad mini is a solid performer.


  • Adjustable to fit a variety of iPhone 5 cases, also works with the iPad mini

  • Well-written instructions for assembly backed by a short online video

  • Price is right on target for a classy and well-built accessory

  • Like many of Twelve South's products, it looks like something Apple would design


  • None to speak of

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who owns an iPhone 5 or iPad mini and is looking for a classy charging stand