The Queue: Black Market success, Hearthstone, and hearts

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|08.19.13

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The Queue: Black Market success, Hearthstone, and hearts
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

It's Monday morning, I've had two hours of sleep, and I'm guzzling a Lo-Carb Monster. Let's do this thing.

blomblom asked:

Just wondering, but would you consider the BMAH a success? And, would you consider the Unclaimed Black Market Container a good or a bad thing? Personally i quite like the BMAH, but after twice getting wrist gear for a different class in Unclaimed Black Market Containers, i dislike them and stopped buying them.

Sure, I would consider it a success. It's giving players with a ton of gold something they can spend their money on and it's taken that money straight out of the economy. I have no experience with the Black Market Containers since I haven't bought any of them myself, but it's a grab bag. You have to go into buying one of those knowing you might get something awesome or you might get junk.

DontMindMe asked:

Are you surprised by the folks who feel like the WoW community members, WoW Insider members in particular, who got invited to the Hearthstone beta are somehow unfairly bragging about it?

We're hardly bragging. We got into the beta so we could provide coverage on the game because talking about it is our job. And because it's our job to talk about it, we're talking about it. Us being in the beta means we can provide coverage, we can write guides for our audience, we can give our input on what's working and what isn't. If we got into the beta and didn't talk about it, what good would that do anybody?

I've seen quite a few people assume only press/media/fansites are in the beta so far, but there are many other non-press, non-media, non-fansite players in the beta, too. I know because I've spent the last few days competing against them! I haven't randomly encountered anybody else from a fansite so far, at least not that I can tell. People who aren't in the beta assume only the "cool" kids got in, because they aren't following the non-media people on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

In any case, I assure you that we're not out to gloat or lord the beta over y'all. We're learning how to play so we can provide all of you with content like we've been doing for World of Warcraft for years.

Peebers asked:

What the [redacted] did garrosh dump out of that chest into that pit? looked like a heart but I thought wrathion ate that.

Garrosh dumped out the heart of Y'shaarj, an old god. They dug that thing up out of the Vale in the scenario in a previous patch. The heart Wrathion ate belonged to Lei Shen.

ShelaMonster asked:

There's been talk of most classes getting some changing around and some abilities possibly removed to reduce bloat. For the class you play the most, what ability would you be okay with losing or it going passive? For me with my DK, I'd have to say Horn of Winter should be a passive, and RP gain from most abilities bumped up to compensate. Also, as cool as Army of the Dead is, I rarely use it and think if a passive like the ToT 2Piece DPS set was implemented, I'd be okay with that. Thoughts?

As a rogue player, I'm not really sure what I'd throw out. There are tons of buttons, but I find a use for most of them and manage to fit them on my bars with keybind modifier macros. Hold shift to do one thing, hold ctrl for another, leave both of them alone for the third. Once upon a time I would have said Shiv, but then they baked the ability to remove Enrage effects into that spell. Past that, I want everything rogues can do. I'm pretty sure I use all of it, too.
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