Motorola settles trademark dispute with Xoom Corp, will phase out tablet's name

Motorola settles trademark dispute with Xoom Corporation, will phase out tablet's name

Get a good lawyer and sometimes they'll tell you that your best hope is to settle a case, rather than participate in a courtroom brawl. That's exactly the route that Motorola Mobility is taking to resolve its trademark infringement spat with Xoom Corporation, an online payment provider that took issue with the Xoom tablet's name. Now, it's come to light that both parties have entered into a confidential agreement that'll require Google's subsidiary to phase out its use of the Xoom branding. A Motorola spokesperson confirmed the settlement, saying "The matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the parties involved," but due to the nature of the agreement, it's likely that other details may never see the light of day. Just don't act too surprised when future Motorola tablets take on a new naming scheme -- something under the Moto X umbrella, perhaps?