Gamescom 2013: SMITE's latest god, new game mode, and Tencent partnership

Gavin Townsley
G. Townsley|08.21.13

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Gamescom 2013: SMITE's latest god, new game mode, and Tencent partnership
MOBAs are great for the MMO gamer afflicted by that nasty distraction called life. They offer progression, PvP, and even some theorycrafting you can take to the water-cooler gatherings at work. In some cases, MOBAs even grant the player a variety of ways to play the game. SMITE is one of these gems.

During our pre-Gamescom chat with Todd Harris, co-founder and COO of Hi-Rez Studios, we learned a few details about SMITE's coming additions of a new Match-of-the-Day game mode and the Chinese-themed god named Zhong Kui.

The game mode will feature an increased match size, upping the player count to a savage 10v10 brawl. The new mode won't be available every day, but it will join the ranks of random daily matches and perhaps clear the way for larger official game modes in the future.

Harris also spent a few minutes talking about the new Chinese god, Zhong Kui. While sparse with the details, he referred to the god as a "ghost hunter," which fits with the mythology of the panther-headed god who traveled while killing evil spirits.

The biggest, albeit less tangible, news to come from SMITE this week is the announcement of a partnership with Tencent Games. You've probably heard that name before; Tencent is the publisher of ArcheAge in the East and the parent company of Riot Games. In fact, Tencent is the largest MOBA company in the world, believed to own nearly 80% of the world MOBA market. The news signifies an expansion into the Eastern market for SMITE and the potential for greater funding behind Hi-Rez's unique take on the genre, something fans should get excited for.

If you still haven't tried SMITE, you can do so for free right now by signing up on the official website.
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