Win a golden DuckTales NES cartridge, rewrite history

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Win a golden DuckTales NES cartridge, rewrite history
Win a gold Ducktales NES cartridge by singing, creating Capcom character mashups
Capcom distributed working, golden DuckTales NES cartridges to members of the press to promote the release of DuckTales: Remastered. They still have some leftover, however, and they'd like to give them to some aspiring singers and PhotoShop artists, Capcom Unity employee Chris Antista revealed last week.

"At least one" lunchbox filled with shredded money and a DuckTales cartridge will be given away on every weekday from now until September 11, the game's digital release date for the 360. In order to win one, contestants must upload their striking renditions of the DuckTales theme song to the contest's website. If you'd rather spare yourself from that, Capcom is accepting alternative submissions in the form of artwork or edited images that incorporate DuckTales characters into existing Capcom franchises, or vice versa, at contest at capcom dot com. Antista's update also mentions future "surprises and flash giveaways" that will spring up at Capcom Unity or amongst its social media feeds.

If you'd rather not toy with your emotions, the PS3-exclusive boxed version of a digital download token for DuckTales: Remastered recently launched at retail. Digital Wii U, PS3 and PC versions are also available on the eShop, PlayStation Store and Steam. We preferred the original game, however, so why not try to give your golden The Legend of Zelda cartridge some company?
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