WoW Moviewatch: Disney in Azeroth

Michael Gray
M. Gray|08.28.13

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WoW Moviewatch: Disney in Azeroth
WoW Moviewatch: Disney in Azeroth
You could probably take a successful stab at the premise behind Slightly Impressive's new video, Disney in Azeroth, just from the name. On the surface, it's another quick-take, short scene video with a huge collection of punch lines. Loaded with dozens of little jokes, DIsney in Azeroth is one of my favorite Griffter videos so far.

Slightly Impressive did an astounding job of creating parody after parody of Disney films. His transmogs are all spot on, the "in Azeroth" parts work well, and he hits the tone perfectly. I literally laughed out loud, and I enjoyed the entire thing. Take the time to check it out.
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