Penguin, Macmillan notify customers of e-book settlement

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Penguin, Macmillan notify customers of e-book settlement

Penguin and Macmillan sent out emails to eligible customers today, notifying them that they're eligible to either receive iTunes credit or a check as part of the settlement of the US Department of Justice antitrust suit against these companies. Apple, despite a guilty verdict, remains the lone holdout in the price-fixing case.

The notification points out that this is just for Penguin and Macmillan, and the settlements are pending by the court. Previously approved settlements include HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster and the Hachette Book Group. Notifications were sent out about these earlier settlements in November 2012.

As of now, the settlement includes an estimated credit of $3.06 per e-book for New York Times bestsellers and $0.73 per e-book for non-bestsellers. Minnesota residents are included in the Penguin and Macmillan portions of the settlement, but will receive more e-book credit from a separate agreement with the other three publishing companies.

If the settlements are approved at a December 6 hearing, the credit will be issued to customers. Barring any appeals, that should be putting money back in your pocket some time in 2014.

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