Win a Xbox One via Doritos, Mountain Dew promotion online, at PAX Prime

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Win a Xbox One via Doritos, Mountain Dew promotion online, at PAX Prime
Xbox Ones from Doritos, Mountain Dew
Microsoft has partnered with the Doritos and Mountain Dew brands to give away thousands of Xbox Ones in exchange for the longevity of your health, a press release revealed last week.

Specially-marked packages of Mountain Dew and Doritos will contain codes to be used as currency in online auctions for Xbox One consoles beginning on November 5. Participants can begin to stockpile codes on the contest's website on September 30, but nothing's stopping anyone from stockpiling the snack foods for the next two months.

PAX Prime attendees can also scan QR codes hidden in the convention center to bid on Xbox One systems in an auction on Sunday from 9 p.m. til midnight PST. The QR codes can be scanned with the PAX Guidebook App to bid on one of 30 Xbox One consoles, as well as subscription cards, gaming headsets and general merchandise. The press release notes that some codes "are worth more than others," so scrounging for as many as you can find might be worth your time.
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Today, we are pleased to announce "Every 2 Minutes," an interactive online nightly auction experience with THOUSANDS of Xbox One consoles up for grabs, courtesy of Mountain Dew and Doritos.

Registration is live now at, and while the online auctions begin November 5, DEW and Doritos are kicking off "Every 2 Minutes" with a LIVE auction event at PAX Prime 2013 in Seattle on Sunday, September 1 from 9 p.m. to midnight. Thirty Xbox One entertainment systems will be auctioned off to attendees, as well as Xbox LIVE Gold subscription cards, gaming headsets, merchandise and much more.

Six lucky bidders will also receive their Xbox One BEFORE it is publicly available for sale!

For fans to get in on the action, DEW and Doritos have placed more than 100 "Every 2 Minutes" QR code signs throughout the PAX Prime convention center. Attendees can scan these codes for points, using the official PAX Guidebook App (available for free download at Points can then be redeemed for tickets to attend the live auction event, merchandise at the DEW & Doritos Marketplace, and to bid for Xbox One entertainment systems on Sunday night. Some QR codes are worth more than others, and some are more difficult to find, so be sure to look everywhere!

The live auction event at PAX takes place on Sunday, September 1 from 9pm to midnight. If you are not attending PAX, phone interviews are also available with DEW/Doritos spokespersons at the "Every 2 Minutes" marketplace booth from Friday – Sunday (8/30 – 9/1).
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