DCUO's Sons of Trigon DLC now available

DCUO's Sons of Trigon DLC now available

It's launch day for DC Universe Online's eighth DLC pack! Sons of Trigon is out now, and it features a new power, new zones, new alerts and duos, new Legends PvP toons, and plenty of new gear.

The new power set is called Celestial and it's made for healing. New zones include the Gotham Wasteland and its daily solo quests as well as the Mausoleum alert that boasts a battle royale with Trigon. Cheetah and Donna Troy are your new Legends PvP avatars, and SOE has also included a bunch of additional feats and collections.

Legendary DCUO members get Sons of Trigon for free, while Premium and Free members can purchase it for $9.99 via the in-game market, the official website, or the PlayStation Network. Don't forget the launch trailer after the break!

[Source: SOE press release]