E Ink's new higher contrast Carta display is the secret behind Amazon's refreshed Kindle Paperwhite

E Ink's new Carta display responsible for the new Kindle Paperwhite's higher contrast and reduced glare

Amazon peppered its second-gen Kindle Paperwhite announce yesterday with the usual marketing fluff: whiter whites and blacker blacks! But, it turns out, those boasts do have some grounding in reality. E Ink has a new screen tech and, surprise surprise, it's the one that's powering the refreshed Paperwhite's improved readability in sunlight and increased contrast. And the company has some numbers to back those claims too, marking this new "formulation" as offering a 50 percent improvement in contrast over older Kindles, and 20 percent boost to whiteness. It's an accurate claim by our estimation, considering we recently had some eyes-on time with the second-gen Paperwhite. Still, it doesn't beat the Kobo Aura HD's screen, but not everything niche can be so nice.

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September 04, 2013 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
E Ink Introduces Carta, the Next Generation of Electronic Ink Display Technology

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--E Ink® Holdings, "E Ink" (8069.TW), a digital signage and display visionary, today announced the mass production release of E Ink Carta™, the next generation electrophoretic display technology. Carta sets a new standard as the whitest and highest contrast ratio display in the industry.

"The Carta display technology is a testament to E Ink's continued innovation and leadership in ePaper and electronic ink displays"

E Ink Carta displays utilize a new electronic ink formulation and technology to provide a dramatic 50 percent improvement in contrast ratio and over 20 percent improvement in reflectance over previous generations of E Ink displays for a remarkably improved viewing and reading experience. The new Carta displays utilize the most advanced bistable electronic paper technology to deliver the best contrast ratio E Ink has ever delivered to the market with the same extremely low power consumption expected from an E Ink display.

The new display has been specifically tuned for reading applications, fully supporting E Ink Regal™ waveform technology. Regal waveforms dramatically reduce the need for full page refreshes after a few page turns. This enhances the reader's experience by providing smoother page turns and more focused reading.

Amazon has selected the Carta display for its new Kindle Paperwhite eReader, the first eReader to use the new display.

"The Carta display technology is a testament to E Ink's continued innovation and leadership in ePaper and electronic ink displays," said Giovanni Mancini, Director of Product Management for E Ink Holdings. "E Ink has always enjoyed a close working relation with its customers. The launch of Carta reaffirms our belief in the future of the ePaper market and we believe it will herald a new standard in ePaper displays."

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