Rumor: Infamous coming to Vita

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Rumor: Infamous coming to Vita
A single sentence uttered by a developer in a recent Q&A has spawned the rumor that Sucker Punch Productions' Infamous series will be making an appearance on Sony's Vita handheld.

At the 5:45 mark of the DualShockers interview above you can hear Infamous: Second Son director Nate Fox obliquely reference a potential Vita entry in the Infamous franchise when asked point-blank about its existence after misinterpreting a question regarding Vita-related functionality for Second Son. "Right now we're only talking about the PS4 game," states Fox. "I would love to talk to you about any Vita-related titles when, or if the time comes."

Was this a casual slip of the tongue or something more meaningful? VGLeaks sees the quote as evidence of an upcoming Infamous game in development for the Vita. "This statement sounds like Sucker Punch has been working on Infamous for PS Vita, however it could be just a project in an early stage, a test for that hardware," said the site.

The next entry in the franchise, Infamous: Second Son, is currently slated for exclusive release on the PlayStation 4 in Q1 2014. We've reached out to both Sony and Sucker Punch for more information.

Update: This article's sourcing has been updated based on new information.
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