Brad McQuaid working on 'secret' MMO since leaving SOE

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|09.10.13

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Brad McQuaid working on 'secret' MMO since leaving SOE
Brad McQuaid working on 'secret' MMO since leaving SOE
You may or may not have been aware that former Senior Game Designer Brad McQuaid was let go from SOE this past August, but either way, do not fret. The McQuaid cat has landed on his feet and is working on a "secret" MMO in conjunction with his former studio.

McQuaid's personal page hints at the project: "Brad left SOE in August 2013 as part of a huge [reduction in force]. With so many jobless developers in the area and so many exciting game design ideas in his head, Brad intends to start something. He's run the ideas by John Smedley, who was visibly excited. More info will be made available on this site and elsewhere when the timing is appropriate."

Meanwhile, on Twitter McQuaid set his status as "Working on sekret MMO. That is all for now." He also mentions that "going forward I intend to work as closely with [SOE] as possible."

[Thanks to Marianne and Matt for the tip!]
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