A spy and an alien walk into a Kickstarter

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David Hinkle
September 14th, 2013
A spy and an alien walk into a Kickstarter

We know you're used to one game for one Kickstarter campaign, but NYC-based developer duo "ATKMTN" is upping the ante with one pledge drive dedicated to two games. The Attack Pack includes SOS, an episodic spy thriller, and The Grey Man, a sci-fi tale revolving around an extra-terrestrial with trans-dimensional powers.

SOS will ship with two episodes, "both of which feature a tightly knit story with linear, hand-designed levels," the Kickstarter post promises. Perhaps the most exciting part of SOS is how it promises a fluid balance between accomplishing your goals using stealth or full-on action.

The Grey Man, meanwhile, emphasizes dual concepts of exploration and human capture, with players traversing a national park and bringing back unsuspecting folks to the alien's spacecraft.

The two games have been in development for nine months already, with the ATKMTN duo tackling just about every facet of development themselves – save for sound. The Attack Pack, if funded, will land on PC in May, 2014. The duo has also expressed interest in pursuing other platforms "down the line."
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