Mac App of the Week: Weather Live is a one-stop weather app for your Mac

There are few things that affect us on a daily basis more than the weather. Just ask anyone who has left the house without a coat on a rainy day and you will see what I mean. If you are looking for a new app to help you track the temperature on your Mac, then you should check out Weather Live from Apalon.

Like most weather apps, Weather Live is partly about the weather, partly about the looks. The weather information is presented nicely in a dashboard-style layout with the date and time in the center. A moving background showcases the current conditions. It supports multiple cities so you can easily move from one city to another with a simple tap. You can also rearrange the city list, allowing you to put your favorite locations at the top.

By default, the app displays your current conditions, the date and time, the hourly forecast and the upcoming forecast. The current conditions include the temperature, feels like temperature, projected highs/lows, the weather status (i.e., rain, cloudy, sunny, etc.) and the wind speed and direction. The app also has several customizable conditions such as the humidity, precipitation, pressure and visibility. You can switch these defaults and choose to display other parameters like the sunrise, sunset, wind chill and more.

If you don't like this look, you can switch to a dashboard with just the current conditions or an all-text view that dumps the dashboard look and replaces it with text. In this text-only view, the background weather images really shine through. No matter what view you pick, the app displays the current temperature as a badge on the icon in the dock. It's a nice touch that lets you see the outside temperature without opening the app.

There were a few quirks with the app that I encountered while using it. First, the badge in the dock disappeared occasionally and I had to toggle it off and then on again to get it to reappear. I also noticed that the projected weather forecast was displayed with the low temperature first followed by the high (33°F/65°F), instead of the other way around (65°F/33°F).

Weather Live landed on the App Store today. It's available for US$2.99 and is worth the money if you are looking for a good-looking weather app to quickly check the current conditions or the upcoming forecast.