MechWarrior Online launch-day roundup

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|09.17.13

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MechWarrior Online launch-day roundup
MechWarrior Online launchday roundup
Many mech pilots may have already been duking it out on the battlefield during the soft launch open beta. But if anyone was waiting for MechWarrior Online to officially launch before getting really serious, today's the day. From here on out, MWO loses the beta tag and forges ahead as a fully launched title. Will that fact make the battles any more intense? You'll have to be the judge of that, so slip into your favorite mech and take to the battlefield to find out. And to help you gear up for those battles, we've assembled a collection of updates, tutorials, trailers, interviews, and hands-on experiences here for you.
MechWarrior Online adds Protector Orion and new tutorial
Are you amped up for this month's official launch of MechWarrior Online -- or will it not really change anything for you whatsoever? Perhaps we can get you more excited about a new content update that went live today and features an improved tutorial and a new hero 'mech.
Robots by the dozen: 12v12 goes live in MechWarrior Online
If you've played MechWarrior Online and thought to yourself, "This is fun and all, but I wish there were even more giant robots shooting my face off," today's news from Piranha Games might be what you've been waiting to hear.
Piranha Games on why MechWarrior Online is getting a third-person mode
Sometimes you find yourself railing against something at one point only to support it later on. That's the process that Piranha Games president Russ Bullock went through regarding a third-person viewing mode in MechWarrior Online.
Quickdraw added to MechWarrior Online's hangar
It can be hard to get close to someone. Especially in MechWarrior Online, where the people you want to get close to are riding walking battle tanks designed to vaporize you at long range.
MechWarrior Online brings out the Firebrand
MechWarrior Online's latest update is burning up the charts (or really anything else it comes in contact with), as the game has introduced the Firebrand version of the JagerMech for players to try out.
MechWarrior Online introduces new map in which players can die painfully
MechWarrior Online's newest map, the Canyon Network, is riddled with slot canyons, steep drops, and high plateaus. As part of MWO's latest update, the Canyon Network is meant to provide a playground for snipers and strategic thinkers.
MechWarrior Online introduces the Misery with Update 15
Misery loves company, they say (look it up), but will people actually go seeking it? Piranha Games hopes players will, as it has introduced the Misery 85-ton 'mech into MechWarrior Online.
PAX East 2013: Say hello to MechWarrior Online's new trailer
There's nothing quite like convention season for bringing out a bumper crop of new videos and trailers. Today we're bringing you MechWarrior Online's new PAX East 2013 trailer, which shows off some new gameplay and highlights the title's newest features and perks.
Massively Interview: Piranha Games' Russ Bullock talks MechWarrior Online
Is there anything more fun than massive suits of mechanical armor smashing into one another and firing lasers all over the place? MechWarrior Online, the free-to-play MMO-like set in the MechWarrior universe and developed by Piranha Games, would argue that the answer to that question is pretty obvious.
MechWarrior Online gives players control over their looks
Maybe you want your machine of choice to have a careful camouflage pattern to make it harder for your MechWarrior Online opponents to spot you at range.
MechWarrior Online dev diary gives handy piloting tips
If you think you're ready to hop into the cockpit of a giant robot in MechWarrior Online and go out there all guns a-blazing, think again. You first need to learn how to pilot such a machine, which the developers say is quite unlike your traditional MMO avatar or vehicle.
Hands-on with MechWarrior Online
Last week, we sent San Francisco freelancer Emil Vazquez to the MechWarrior Online Community Day event to get some hands-on time with the game.
New MechWarrior Online Q&A focuses on weapons and environments
Piranha Games has answered another round of community questions about MechWarrior Online, and as with previous answer sessions, the new information focuses on some of the fine details of the game's design.
MechWarrior Online video dev diary on the four pillars of warfare
Feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of handling your first multi-ton machine in MechWarrior Online? Piranha Games president Russ Bullock understands that the concept can be intimidating at first.
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