iFixit tears down the iPhone 5c

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iFixit tears down the iPhone 5c

Last night, iFixit started to take apart the iPhone 5s, and now the repair shop has fixed its sights on the iPhone 5c. This latest guide by iFixit delves into the differences between the iPhone 5c and both the 5s and 5. It kicks off with some commentary on the meaning of the "c" in the phone's name -- does it stand for "color," "cheaper," "childish" or something else?

The teardown points out in several places that the iPhone 5c is very similar to the iPhone 5. It shares many of the same hardware specs and is basically an iPhone 5 with a plastic casing. It's not an iPhone 5 clone, though, and actually shares some features of the iPhone 5s, like a snug-fitting display assembly, a bigger battery and a very similar internal case design.

Just like the iPhone 5s, the 5c is given a repairability score of 6 out of 10. According to iFixit, removing the screen and accessing the battery are moderately easy. Replacing these components, though, is no cakewalk with extra-strength adhesive getting in the way of the battery and antenna.

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