Mac App of the Week: Mail Designer Pro

If you're a small business owner, chances are you try to collect a mailing list of customers who are open to getting newsletters and announcements from you. In order to make such newsletters appealing on a mobile device, you previously needed to hire a graphic designer and / or coder to create a nice HTML5-compatible newsletter that looks good in any email client, on any size device's screen (that is, unless you happen to possess these skills yourself). But that's all changed with the release of Equinux's Mail Designer Pro.

Mail Designer Pro allows virtually anyone to quickly, easily and beautifully create rich HTML5 newsletters that look amazing in anyone's inbox. When you launch the app, you can select from more than 25 completely customizable templates in categories like Diner, Fashion, Jewelry, Travel and more. Select a template and you are then taken to the main page layout windows where you can tweak the template to your liking, including adding your own custom photos, text, styles and layouts.

If you're familiar with Pages or InDesign, you'll feel pretty comfortable with the apps organization from the get go. What's really nice about Mail Designer Pro, besides the ease of use of creating professional-looking newsletters, is the fact that you can easily share drafts of the newsletters with others in your company. You do this by clicking the "Lend" button. It sends the file to your recipient who can open it on their copy of Mail Designer Pro, make changes and lend it back to you.

But perhaps the best part of Mail Designer Pro is that it has mobile in mind. Nowadays many of us use our smartphones or iPads to check out email. Mail Designer Pro ensures that any newsletter you create will look gorgeous on your recipient's screen -- no matter what the size. It does this by building in design and support tools for creating newsletters formatted for multiple devices. You can even open up virtual iPads, iPhones and Android devices on your Mac desktop to see what the newsletter will look like and how it will act when scrolled.

Essentially Mail Designer Pro takes the nerve-wracking guess work of "I wonder how this will look on my hundreds of recipients' various screen sizes." With Mail Designer Pro, your newsletters will look gorgeous no matter what the device they are being viewed on. When you're done creating your newsletter, you can send it to your email list without leaving Mail Designer Pro.

Mail Designer Pro is a must-have OS X app for anyone with a small business or even medium- to large-sized companies with small marketing departments and budgets. Mail Designer Pro costs US$99.99 and is available on the Mac App Store or via Equinux's website, where users can download a trial version for free.