Black Desert starts its first closed beta on October 17th

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.26.13

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Black Desert starts its first closed beta on October 17th
Based on the trajectory of ArcheAge, expect to see this when your children graduate college.
Are you ready to start exploring the darkest of all possible deserts? Are you also located in South Korea? Then you'll be happy to know that after several delays Black Desert has finally announced its closed beta test will start on October 17th. The first test will only run through the 23rd and will include four playable classes, leveling up to level 40, and two major areas to explore. As mentioned before, this test will be IP-locked, so international players are not allowed even with a strong grasp of the language.

For those not eligible for the beta (i.e. most of our readers) there are also four new gameplay trailers embedded past the break showing off the various classes in action. They're not actually in life-or-death combat, but it's a chance to get a peek at what your various choices can do. Or what they would be able to do if you were able to get in on the testing... you get the idea.

[Thanks to Lilian for the tip!]

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