Call out your favorite design for Mighty No. 9's co-op character

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Call out your favorite design for Mighty No. 9's co-op character
Call out your favorite design for Mighty No 9's coop character
Mighty No. 9 has hit its $2.75 million stretch goal, which means the game will feature an online co-op challenge mode starring Beck (the titular No. 9) and robot pal Call, whose design will be chosen via popular vote. There are nine designs to choose from on the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter page, and everyone - backers, non-backers, potential cosplayers, robot enthusiasts, etc - can vote between now and October 1, when the Kickstarter ends.

The three most popular designs will be announced on October 1, after which they'll be colored and put up for a second round of voting, which will only be available to backers. Until then, there's a variety of designs to choose from, including one seemingly inspired by flight attendant attire and a nerdy archetype with huge glasses.

Hey, we just met her, and this is crazy, but you'll decide soon: how Call will look-zy.
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