Narrative Clip now the new name for Memoto wearable lifetracking camera

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Narrative Clip now the new name for Memoto wearable lifetracking camera

About a year ago, TUAW highlighted a Kickstarter project aimed at making a tiny wearable camera that would take photos about once every 30 seconds for upload to a website where they'd be condensed into a continuous lifelog. The project was delayed, but now the Swedish developers behind the project report that they've received new funding, that they've changed the name of the device and their company and that first deliveries will take place on November 1, 2013.

The company's new name is Narrative, with the former Memoto camera now being called the Narrative Clip. According to Narrative VP of Marketing Oskar Kalmaru, "We've quickly grown to love the new name, Narrative, and it is one that describes what we've been trying to do all along –- help users tell the stories of their lives. We called the camera 'Narrative Clip' to reflect its attributes of being wearable, quick and tiny."

The Narrative Clip is available for pre-order on the Narrative website for $279. As noted in our 2012 post:

The Memoto camera measures 36 x 36 x 9 mm, captures 5-megapixel images, keeps a log of GPS positions and timestamps and has an accelerometer to ensure that photos are always oriented correctly. There's a micro-USB port for charging the device's battery, which is expected to last for two days per charge.

Once the images are uploaded, software works to "organize the photos to work as a photographic memory that can be accessed at any time, even after many years, without the user ever feeling overwhelmed or disorganized." The images are catalogued by time, date, place and lighting conditions.

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