Stealth Inc will soon infiltrate your iOS devices

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Stealth Inc will soon infiltrate your iOS devices

The highly rated stealth puzzler Stealth Inc will eventually break free of its current console and PC shackles and find its way to iOS, reports Pocket Gamer. The game -- which was originally titled Stealth Bastard before that name raised too many red flags -- tasks you with guiding an adorable clone through a series of deadly puzzles.

Developer Jonathan Biddle notes that while he has the game up and running on iOS, it's become a bit of a tedious process to ensure that each level works with all the available screen resolutions that iOS affords. "The different screen resolutions and aspect ratios have meant creating three different versions of each of the game's 80 levels -- iPad, widescreen iPhone and 4:3 iPhone. Testing the iOS version of the game now means playing it through three times every time the levels are changed."

Biddle also mentioned that the lowest compatible device for the game will be the iPhone 4s, due to the rather robust performance requirements for the game's intricate deathtraps.

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