Terraria 2 planned, not yet in development

Terraria creator Andrew Spinks recently discussed his plans for Terraria 2, the direct sequel to the popular RPG from developer Re-Logic. "Terraria 2 is definitely something that will be happening but contrary to several of the articles that went live today I have not started development," Spinks told Joystiq. "I have a list of features and mechanics I want the game to have but that is the extent of the development at this point."

As far as those features are concerned, Spinks told Rock Paper Shotgun that while Terraria 2 is "a ways out," it will "have a lot in common with the original. It's gonna be quite different as well. I really want to expand on the whole Terraria universe."

Spinks said that he is "locked" in to some of Terraria's established mechanics, such as "the way loot works" and "the way character progression works." With Terraria 2, Spinks said he wants "to have infinite worlds so you're not just stuck to one world. You can travel anywhere. I want more biome diversity in that, too."

As for Terraria, he added that the recently-launched version 1.2 will probably be "the last seven-month update" for the original game, but that he plans to finish the "endgame progression" for the update "within the next month or two," as the update didn't include a final boss. He noted that while there may be other updates three or four months down the road, he has "looked into maybe hiring another small team to continue updates while I move onto Terraria 2."