Godus v1.3 update adds bronze age, agriculture, weather system

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|10.04.13

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Godus v1.3 update adds bronze age, agriculture, weather system
Peter Molyneux's god game Godus has received a sizable update on Steam, where the game has been available as an Early Access product since last month. In addition to a multitude of bug fixes, the version 1.3 update adds bronze age amenities and agricultural advances, as well as tweaks to Follower behavior and some modified tents.

Amongst the 12 new bronze age additions are politics, farming and cartography, according to the update's patch notes. New Farmer Followers can grow crops outside of settlements, which can then be harvested to feed the population. A new weather system will also affect your tiny virtual folk, with lightning storms that damage Abodes located outside of settlements.

Meanwhile, felt tents now house and produce Followers, rather than generate Belief. Followers can now also communicate with the player through Prayers, which we assume are delivered via Post-It Note like in Bruce Almighty. Okay, probably not.

Molyneux recently told us that Godus' evolution is an ongoing process, and that it can take anywhere from "a day to two weeks" for him and his team at 22 Cans to crank out a new build. "That's an amazing, incredible way to develop a game," he said. "I'm not a designer, I'm a design curator."
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