BlackBerry announces cloud-based enterprise mobility management for iOS

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Embattled mobile hardware makers BlackBerry has announced that it is bringing a new cloud software solution to iOS to enable "trusted and simple" enterprise mobility management on Apple's devices. The new cloud solution (which apparently doesn't have a name yet) aims to tackle the BYOD complexities of the modern office. BYOD stands for "bring your own device" and refers to the wants/needs of the modern worker to work on devices of their choice -- often their own personal devices -- be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry.

BlackBerry says its upcoming solution will enable companies to "manage apps, get friendly technical support and a whole lot more," including:

  • Simple and fast deployment. No server hardware or software to install, just register and go.
  • Administrators can easily manage and secure smartphones and tablets. The simple Web-based admin console will provide easy activation and deployment of BlackBerry, iOS and Android™ smartphones, app management, security policy configuration and compliance monitoring.
  • Administrators can secure, deploy and manage apps. Administrators will be able to build a catalog of public apps from the App StoreSM, Google Play and the BlackBerry World storefront, and then view app distribution and usage for all users and devices.
  • End-users can manage their own devices through the self-service console. End-users will be able to easily perform common management tasks such as setting up or changing device passwords and remote wipe and lock without relying on an administrator, giving them independence and saving on helpdesk calls.

There's no word on a release date or exact cost, but BlackBerry says enterprise mobility management will cost "less than a cup of coffee a month."

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