Drama Mamas: There's a guide for that

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Drama Mamas: There's a guide for that
Drama Mamas There's a guide for that
Stand back, Drama Mamas readers -- Robin and I are going to put ourselves out of business this week. I say "this week" because I'm not going to spoiler-ize the Drama Mamas for all time ... Just for this week. And I'm doing it because I want to remind everyone about a resource we've been working on since the beginning of this year, something designed to shake loose new insights and solutions for frustrated WoW players, old and new alike: The Drama Mamas Drama-Buster Guide.

Allow me to roll up my sleeves and demonstrate:

Due to some very persuasive to give the Warcraft a try again i decided to jump into it. The first things i noticed once i stop the grind to max level is that. My old server...is empty...dead..The City where i do my auction house is all changed around. Also guilds seem to be less about community and more about guild perks. I'm scratching my head at a loss at what to do now that i am 90, with a guild who does not talk to each other. I've not played since Wrath of the Lich king. I've been curious what to do in game, and even if i should roll a new toon on another server with all the time I've been gone. Could you offer your thoughts?

Confused Warcraft Player

Thanks for writing in, Confused Warcraft Player. You're not alone in finding yourself socially adrift in game, despite how many other players constantly surround you. The Drama Mamas solution: There's a guide for that!

As you've discovered, WoW's not as much fun without someone to share it with, so let us show you some proven tactics for finding some gaming buddies to play with. It sounds like your socially limp guild isn't much a help, either; a better guild match would go a long way toward propelling you back into the fun zone.

And where is the friend who talked you into coming back to play? He or she really ought to be sharing this experience with you.
Drama Mamas There's a guide for that
Finally, Confused Warcraft Player, you might do well to review how to tackle current content. Today's game is built on the premise of catch-up content that will boost you into current content as quickly as possible, so head to the Timeless Isle as soon as you're able. Blizzard offers a (now slightly aging) guide to help you slide into Pandaria-era play, and WoW Insider's Elizabeth Harper has rounded up a whole slew of resources for returning players. We can also help clue you in on what's expected from players in today's raids.

Good luck, have fun, and good gaming!
Drama Mamas There's a guide for that

dear drama mamas,
I have recently come into a position where I am thinking of leaving my guild to join one that has a higher standard of raiding. I love the guild Im in, and the people are all so much fun, and I get along great...but my skill level is just too high to keep raiding with them, I find myself getting bored on raid nights. how do I let them down gently that Im seeking more competitive play without coming off as a massive elitist?

Letting them down gently is a Drama Mamas specialty, challenge-hungry raider -- and there's a guide for that! It's clear you've identified that it's time to move onward and upward. There's definitely a technique to leaving a guild without burning bridges, and we can show you how to make your departure without losing your friends in the process.

Make sure you spend some time thinking about what else you're seeking in a new guild beyond a specific raiding schedule and progression level. "Friendly raiding guilds" are a dime a dozen, so figure out what qualities will make the eligible choices rise to the top of your list. Whatever you do, don't take the first group that comes along; run an informed guild search and stick to your guns until you find the right fit.

Drama Mamas There's a guide for that
The first line of defense against drama

As we point out in the Drama Mamas Drama-Buster Guide, belonging to an effective, well organized guild is your first line of defense against in-game drama.

Savvy guilds provide a drama-free zone by offering clear, explicit guidelines and rules on common bones of contention such as loot, raid attendance, and player behavior. Debate and controversy are handled in private chat channels or forums. Not at all an attempt to squash freedom of expression, a no-drama edict is designed to free players from being forced to bear witness to an outbreak of drama, allowing guild officers to clean up the mess quickly and effectively behind the scenes. (Learn more about the structure and habits of highly effective guilds in WoW Insider's weekly Officers' Quarters.)

But no guild can protect you from social drama outside the guild context and beyond the keyboard at home. Squabbles with your mom or your spouse over game time, keeping up with a raiding schedule in the face of final exams, how to set yourself up for success if you've never tried raiding before ... The Drama Mamas Drama-Buster Guide can lend a hand.

Robin and I are working hard to continue to build resources you can turn to for guidance through the social side of Azeroth. Let us know in the comments what topics you'd like us to add in future installments.

Be excellent to one another!
Dodge the drama and become the player everyone wants in their group with advice from The Drama Mamas Drama-Buster Guide. Got a question? Email the mamas at robin@wowinsider.com.
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