8bitMMO reaches upgrade funding goal, moves on to stretch

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|10.15.13

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8bitMMO reaches upgrade funding goal, moves on to stretch
8bitMMO reaches funding goal, on to stretch goals
Two weeks ago we learned that the retro-themed 8BitMMO launched a funding drive throughout October in order to enhance the game experience for players. With half the month still to go, the MEGA-OCTOBERBIT-FUNDRAISER has already reached its $1,000 goal and is now working on the first stretch goal. Successful funding means that the construction sandbox game will get a server upgrade before the launch of the desktop edition (which is currently in closed beta for backers only).

If another $600 is raised in the next two weeks, players will get a Mac edition of the desktop client. If the funding drive surpasses that, new stretch goals will be revealed.

[Source: Archive Entertainment press release]
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