Nike announces new iPhone-ready Fuelband SE

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Nike+ Fuelband SE

Fitness fans, this one's for you. Nike revealed the new Fuelband SE at a Nike+ event in New York City. Coming in a variety of highlight colors, the device is meant to get users up and moving. The water-resistant device features Bluetooth 4.0 for low-power connectivity, improved LEDs and a re-designed circuit board for greater flexibility.

But it's not about design; it's about moving. The Fuelband SE can now monitor yoga activity, if stretching on a mat is your thing, and other motivational features like "3.2.1 Go! Sessions," which let you pick a specific physical activity and monitor your progress towards that goal.

Those interested in the wearable fitness trainer can expect to drop US$149 for the privilege. The Nike+ Fuelband SE will ship to select countries on November 6.

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