Peek inside Payday 2's Lootbag DLC on Xbox 360, PS3 today

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Peek inside Payday 2's Lootbag DLC on Xbox 360, PS3 today
Both Xbox 360 and PS3 can pick up Payday 2's Lootbag DLC, previously a pre-order exclusive, for $5 today. Inside the Lootbag, players will find some extra in-game cash, a red dot sight compatible with all rifles and shotguns, a skull mask, black and red mask customization color scheme and an "I Love Overkill!" mask emblem.

Developer Overkill Software has also announced a Payday 2 demo has infiltrated Xbox Live today. The demo is coming to PS3, Overkill says, though timing has yet to be determined.

Payday 2, a game where four crooks band together to pull off heists and other illegal jobs for wealthy drug lords and psychopaths, launched back in August for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. In our review, we lauded the game's co-operative play and "nonstop series of little stories and moments of surprise" that happen every time the four embark on a job.
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Today, 505 Games and Overkill released the PAYDAY 2 Lootbag DLC, previously available for pre-order only, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 priced at $4.99. The Lootbag lets players get their hands on the following items:

Military red dot weapon sight available for use on all rifles and shotguns
Bundle of in-game cash
Skull mask
Black and red mask
Mask with "I Love OVERKILL!"

Also available today is a free playable PAYDAY 2 Xbox 360 demo (the demo date for PS3 is TBD). So, get your crew together, don the iconic PAYDAY crew masks and tackle a heist on the Branch Bank -- will you make your get away before the alarm is tripped and all hell breaks loose as Police and FBI forces descend on your team? Players can experience the first 10 levels of the new character progression system and try out all four new character classes -- Mastermind, Technician, Enforcer and Ghost.

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