Slice shopping app adds product recalls, improves price drop tracking

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Kelly Hodgkins
October 16th, 2013
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Slice shopping app adds product recalls, improves price drop tracking

Slice is a shopping app that effortlessly tracks your purchases by scanning and logging your shopping receipts as they hit your inbox. The app scans your incoming emails, finds your receipts and parses relevant information about the items that you bought. It identifies both the products you purchased and any shipping information for your order.

The version 3.0 update to Slice adds a new product recall feature that compares your purchase history with a list of product recalls provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If a match is found, the app sends you an push notification and directs you to the CPSC website where you can read about the recall.

Slice also has been redesigned for iOS 7 and includes a new tracking section that provides easier access to price drop information. Introduced in an earlier version, the price drop feature monitors your purchases and lets you know when an item goes on sale so you can recoup the difference.

Slice 3.0 landed in the App Store today and is available for free on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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