Solstice Arena comes to Steam

Gavin Townsley
G. Townsley|10.16.13

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Gavin Townsley
October 16th, 2013
Solstice Arena comes to Steam
Solstice Arena comes to PC
Growing older has two distinct disadvantages: responsibility and less free (game) time. This is where Zynga's mobile MOBA, Solstice Arena, really shines with its cross-platform access and average ten-minute match duration. It's the perfect answer for MOBA diehards who find themselves a little too busy for complexity and match length of the genre's bigger titles.

And now the game is available and free-to-play on Steam. With the latest game updates, Solstice Arena comes to the PC today, opening up the game to a new branch of players and allowing their existing PC fans to play at the desktop.

Despite its mobile roots, Solstice Arena boasts a lot of depth with its large selection of items and power ups, and the consistently (every two weeks) expanding hero selection. Each hero has multiple skills to utilize, as well as a variety of skins purchasable through the game. For those players more interested in quick games rather than depth, Solstice Arena provides a unique auto-buy feature that lets the player focus on the match instead of which items to purchase.

The MOBA may not replace genre-fan favorites like League of Legends and SMITE, but Solstice does something well that other MOBAs haven't: gives players the power to take the game with them regardless of platform.
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