PSA: Tropico 4 'Apocalypse' DLC heats up the Cold War, out now

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|10.18.13

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PSA: Tropico 4 'Apocalypse' DLC heats up the Cold War, out now
Tropico 4 'Apocalypse' DLC heats up the Cold War, out now
A new bundle of mutually-assured destruction Tropico 4 content has landed on Steam and the Xbox Marketplace, adding the thrill threat of nuclear annihilation to your quaint little island meritocracy for the one-time cost of $4.99.

The Apocalypse DLC pack adds a Nuclear Shelter building type, a "Survivalist" trait that reduces the amount of food Tropicans require, a hazmat suit for El Presidente and a new mission entitled "How I learned to love the bomb," which requires that the player (and their country, hopefully) survive a doomsday scenario.
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Impending Doom for Tropico? Not if El Prez Has His Way in New 'Apocalypse' DLC
New Tropico 4 DLC for Xbox 360 and PC challenges players to prepare for when the Cold War goes hot
Bracknell, UK, 17th October 2013 - The Cold War has gotten hotter, and mutually assured nuclear destruction is just around the corner...or is it? In the new Tropico 4 'Apocalypse' DLC, it'll be up to players to prepare their island nations, and their Tropican citizens, for the end. The new DLC, priced at £3.49/€3.99 on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC, gives players the tools they need to protect their island nations from the nuclear threat – protective shelters, a new survivalist trait (helps with scavenging food) and more.

Tropico 4 DLC – Apocalypse
The Cold War has turned hot and nuclear conflict is inevitable. Prepare the island nation of Tropico for the coming apocalypse and carefully choose which resources and factions to save from certain eradication. The new Nuclear Shelter provides and converts faction bonuses depending on its work mode. Don the new Hazmat suit and choose the Survivalist trait to become a true doomsday prepper.

New building: Nuclear Shelter (provides bonuses depending on work mode)
New trait: Survivalist (Tropicans need less food)
New outfit: Hazmat suit
New mission: How I learned to love the bomb - Survive a doomsday scenario
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