Crowdfund Bookie: 'The Long Dark' path to $248K

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Crowdfund Bookie: 'The Long Dark' path to $248K
The Crowdfund Bookie crunches data from select successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns that ended during the week and produces pretty charts for you to look at.

It was a busy week in crowdfunding, as the Kickstarter projects for The Long Dark, Contagion, Steam Squad, King Randall's Party, The Ballads of Reemus 2, Slip, Emerald, SC2VN, Destiny Fails Us and Worlds Quest as well as the Indiegogo projects for Lords of Zulima and TurfBattles concluded.

The Long Dark, a first-person survival simulator coming from triple-A veterans Hinterland Studio earned the most money this week, hauling in $256,217 CAD ($248,899). The game also had the highest number of backers of the group, with 6,966 people funding the project. King Randall's Party, a "side-scrolling fortress defense game," had the highest per-person pledge amount of the week ($184.23).

Head past the break to check out the week's results along with some pretty charts.

  • The Long Dark by Hinterland - $248,899 (128.11 percent) by 6,966 people ($35.73 mean average)
  • Contagion by Monochrome - $87,384 (174.77 percent) by 3,632 people ($24.06 mean average)
  • Steam Squad by Bretwalda Games - $50,849 (101.70 percent) by 398 people ($127.76 mean average)
  • King Randall's Party by Jesse Crafts-Finch - $21,555 (102.64 percent) by 117 people ($184.23 mean average)
  • The Ballads of Reemus 2 by Jay Ziebarth - $16,783 (115.17 percent) by 431 people ($38.94 mean average)
  • Slip by Dylan Kelly - $15,084 (100.56 percent) by 252 people ($59.86 mean average)
  • Emerald by Nick Yonge - $10,370 (184.05 percent) by 544 people ($19.06 mean average)
  • SC2VN by TJ Huckabee - $8,370 (119.57 percent) by 165 people ($50.73 mean average)
  • Destiny Fails Us by Amelia Hanks - $5,020 (167.33 percent) by 198 people ($25.35 mean average)
  • Worlds Quest by Regal Computer Services - $4,161 (166.44 percent) by 54 people ($77.06 mean average)
  • Lords of Zulima by Numantian Games - $12,021 (120.21 percent) by 293 people ($41.03 mean average)
  • TurfBattles by Tri-Games - $2,200 (100.00 percent) by 27 people ($81.48 mean average)
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