Terraria 2 planned for mobile close to PC launch, not for 3DS

Terraria creator Andrew Spinks has plans to bring the RPG's sequel to multiple plaforms close to the release of the PC game. Spinks told Pocket Gamer he wants "to code Terraria 2 in a more portable language so it can be released on multiple platforms at launch or close to launch."

One platform the game won't appear on is Nintendo's 3DS, though. "3DS is something I was very interested in getting Terraria on but the system unfortunately cannot run Terraria the way it needs to be ran," he added. Spinks discussed his plans for Terraria 2 earlier this month, saying that while the game is not yet in development, he would like for it to feature "infinite worlds" for players to travel between.

The original game is expected to be updated further, with its version 1.2 patch arriving at the beginning of October, though the developer said he has considered bringing a small team in to offer support for Terraria while he moves on to Terraria 2.