Daily iPhone App: Distress Signal alerts authorities when you are in trouble while traveling

Distress Signal is an essential companion for adventure travelers who are concerned about their safety. The app stores your contact details and then sends them to local emergency services when you are in distress.

Distress Signal is more than just a fancy address book that allows you to enter the contact information for the local police or fire station. The app tracks your location and knows the numbers for emergency services for every country in the world. If you are in trouble in place like Latvia, the app will send your contact information and location to local authorities in the language of the country you are visiting.

The app can also be configured to send your location to your family or friends so they can find you using these coordinates. They can also use Distress Signal app to find you if you are nearby. Other useful features include a torch with the ability to send out an SOS signal, a compass, an alert siren, a guide to show you where you last had cellular signal and a map to help you to find the local hospital and police station.

Adventurers looking for another layer of protection can download Distress Signal from the iOS App Store. It is available for US$1.99. Right now, the SMS emergency text-messaging service works in the UK, Ireland, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Latvia, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Philippines and Iceland. It is coming soon to the US and other parts of Europe.