Ulysses III gets monster 'Warp 1' update

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Ulysses III gets monster 'Warp 1' update

With a week to go until the beginning of NaNoWriMo, it's not surprising that a favorite text-editing tool has received an update. Ulysses III version 1.1 brings -- according to The Soulmen -- over 287 tweaks, fixes and optimizations, including OS X Mavericks compatibility "bang on time."

The other changes are numerous enough that there's neither time nor space to list them here, so I'll give you some highlights:

  • Sidebar search: highlights terms in a fully semantic search.
  • Customizable export styles: includes export to Word while keeping style names.
  • ePub export: Go from Ulysses III to e-bookstore in one fell swoop.
  • Built-in preview: includes HTML and PDF preview based on style sheets applied, with live updating.
  • Smart paste: paste as text, code block, raw source or paste from HTML or Markdown.
  • Ulysses Style Sheets: what makes beautiful Rich Text or PDF documents possible.

There are a lot more changes than that... The US$44.99 app is an impressive text-editing powerhouse, and this comprehensive update adds a lot more to the menu. The update is available via the Mac App Store's Updates capability.

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Ulysses III gets monster 'Warp 1' update