Paradise Lost: First Contact makes you an unprecedented discovery

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Paradise Lost: First Contact makes you an unprecedented discovery

If you've ever wanted to break out of a test tube as a telekinetic alien lifeform that can peel parts of itself off and lob them as poison gas grenades, Paradise Lost: First Contact might be your thing.

The action-adventure-in-progress will be a pixelated, side-scrolling crawl through a space station as an escaped lifeform. Luckily, this lifeform has a skill wheel and makes short work of its captive cylinder. Equipped with both offense and puzzle-oriented abilities, the trailer displays the alien's aptitude at solving puzzles by spawning and mind-controlling smaller versions of itself. A separate power seems dedicated to shielding the lifeform from danger, allowing it to pass through jets of fire or stand tall against streams of bullets.

Paradise Lost's Steam page notes that the game is in an "early stage of development" and that the project is "coming soon" to Kickstarter. The project was initially planned for PC, but Linux and Mac versions have also been announced in response to requests from those interested in the project.

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