Glass staircase step breaks at China Apple Store

Ilene Hoffman
I. Hoffman|10.28.13

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Glass staircase step breaks at China Apple Store

Broken stair at new Shanghai Apple Store

The latest glass staircase installation in the Shanghai IAPM (China) Apple store broke 23 hours before the Saturday grand opening, according to ifo Apple Store. The site includes photos of the mishap that also damaged the floor underneath. It seems the glass tread fell out of the mounting and ended up in pieces on the stone floor below.

Gary Allen of states that "representatives from the glass supplier, Seele GbbH (Germany), worked with local craftsman to retrieve spare glass treads that all stores have ready for such emergencies." Other stores have had minor mishaps with their glass staircases, but no one has been injured by any of the stair problems.

Apple's Retail Store page lists nine stores in China, four of which are in Shanghai. ifo Apple Store lists 33 stores with glass staircases, some of which are spiral and some straight. Steve Jobs' name is on the 2002 patent for the Apple Store's amazing glass staircases. An Apple Store Glass Staircases article, also on ifo Apple Store, provides interesting details on the staircases in the different Apple stores.

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