Awesomenauts Assemble aimed at PS4 launch

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Awesomenauts Assemble aimed at PS4 launch
Awesomenauts Assemble 'aimed' at PS4 launch
Awesomenauts hopes to Assemble on PS4 when the console launches next month, but a final release date remains TBA. Ronimo's playful 2D MOBA is priced $10 on the next-gen system, and includes the features from the upcoming fundraised Starstorm expansion.

The news arrives alongside the drop of patch 1.24, which includes temporary access to Starstorm additions like Custom Game setup and Team Deathmatch mode. Those free-to-try modes will eventually be included in a separate Starstorm DLC package, available to Kickstarter backers and as a Steam purchase. Other Starstorm extras include the Replay System and Spectator Mode (both covered by the PS4's streaming capabilities, says Ronimo), five new characters, a new map, and new songs, too.
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First Awesomenauts:Starstorm content available!

It's been just one month since the Kickstarter for the Awesomenauts:Starstorm expansion has closed. And already the first bits of content have been released on an unsuspecting public. It started with getting the exclusive skins into gamers' hands, which happened a few weeks ago.

And today the first major feature has been added to the game: Custom Games! Part of patch 1.24, this first release contains ample settings to customise your private Awesomenauts match to your hearts' content. It also contains a whole new game mode: Team Deathmatch! This new mode is also fully customisable. However, today's release is only the first iteration of the Custom Games feature. Expect to see more options and game modes in the future, as well as a full-featured Custom Games browser!

In the future, most of the Starstorm content and features will be offered as a separate DLC accessible to all Kickstarter backers, or through purchase on Steam. But today all Awesomenauts players can get a little taste for the Starstorm, because the current Custom Game feature is free to try for all owners of the game! Apart from the Customisable Games, lots of new stuff is coming in the near future. Just as a quick reminder: on top of Customisable Games, the Starstorm DLC will contain 5 more characters, a new map, a Replay System and Spectator Mode!

As another reminder: all of the Starstorm content will also make it into the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of the game, which is called Awesomenauts:Assemble! Awesomenauts:Assemble is aimed at the launch of the next generation console, and will be available for the same price as the Steam version of the game: $9,99.

The only thing that eventually will be different about the PlayStation 4 version is that the Replay System and Spectator mode will be covered by the awesome streaming features of the system itself.

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