The 7th Guest 3 materializes with FMV out of thin air

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The 7th Guest 3 materializes with FMV out of thin air
Trilobyte has grand plans for The 7th Guest 3, a follow-up to classic horror puzzle games The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour. The team is seeking $435,000 on Kickstarter to craft an HD, full-motion-video game with 20 puzzles at least.

If the Kickstarter video is anything like the final product, The 7th Guest 3 will be just as campy as the original games. This time around, the entire mansion of famed toymaker Henry Strauf is a giant puzzle, and its rooms twist, turn, disappear and rearrange themselves depending on the riddles players solve within its walls. It sounds a bit like Hogwarts – or for those with creepier sensibilities, the Navidson home in House of Leaves.

The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour recently launched on Steam and they're still on sale, in a bundle or separately, through the end of Halloween. Trilobyte has 38 more days to raise $435,000 for The 7th Guest 3 on Kickstarter, with more than $18,000 gathered in its first day.
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