Random Acts of Uberness: Save the zombies!

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Random Acts of Uberness: Save the zombies!
It was rough going for the spirited clutch of level 1 undead (significantly smaller than the sea of zombies shown above) attempting to push its way from Grom'gol Base Camp to Stormwind on Magtheridon EU for Hallow's End, when some friendly Alliance faces appeared on the scene.

Caught being uber: Sellsword and Kendrasil (Magtheridon EU-Alliance) These two players spotted our little ragtag group of level 1 undeads attempting to run from Grom'Gol Base Camp in STV to Stormwind -- a Zombiewalk to celebrate the last night of Hallow's End.

As soon as they realised we were aggro'ing pretty much the whole zone, they began killing mobs as they came at us. They were patient enough to wait with us each time we stopped to regroup for those who did die en route. And they patiently looked on as we took on Hogger. (We got him!) They accompanied our little group all the way to the gates of Stormwind, where we eventually fell at the hands of those overzealous guards. Thank you both! -- Anonymous level 1 undead Hogger-slayer

Caught being uber: Grimeclaw, Whitebeared and Sjöfn, Darkmoon Faire (EU-Alliance) I had an act of uberness happen to me yesterday, while leveling my little discipline priest.

I was in LBRS, and I fell down in a nasty gap that suddenly appeared beneath my feet (despite being on the lookout for it).

I couldn't find a way back to the others, but they waited patiently for me and after a while, one of them even came to me and guided me to them!

Many thanks from Brilliance to Grimeclaw, Whitebeared and Sjöfn from Darkmoon Faire EU (and to a paladin from another realm whose name I have forgotten). -- Brilliance, Darkmoon Faire (EU)

Caught being uber: Jianhung, <Kindred Hearts>, Wyrmrest Accord (US-Alliance) I would love to give my thanks to Jianhung of Kindred Hearts on Wyrmrest Accord (US-A) for a completely awesome first RP experience.

I made my gnome mage with the purpose of experimenting with RP, very low-key, just trying to figure out what was going on in my little gnome's head and seeing how the community worked, and hoping it would help restore some of my sanity, like a permanent Freya buff. I planned to quest my way to 85+ and see how things went from there. I was killing spiders in Loch Modan, and a VERY large draenei monk fell out of the sky on top of me and immediately started speaking to me in character.

I was completely unprepared for this (I play extremely late nights, due to my work schedule -- not used to seeing people online), but I just ran with it, probably doing a horrible job of RPing. Jianhung went right along for the ride, making me suddenly feel completely at home in my gnome's skin, to the point that I really want to go find some higher-profile RP events in which to take part.

So in closing, thanks for bringing my gnome out of her skin and for introducing me to the wonderful World of World of Warcraft RP. Yes, I know that last sentence reads very ... unpleasantly. -- Sanettika, <Order of the Blood Rose>, Wyrmrest Accord (US-Alliance)

Caught being uber: Starbreak, Saurfang (EU-Alliance) Just wanna have a shoutout to a player that made my day (and possibly my week) over the course of a LFR recently, Starbreak on Saurfang EU. I wasn't the most confident and getting shouted down a lot on the Garalon fight, because no one had told me that you weren't supposed to go under him.

I was nearly about to give up and just leave while a barrage of whispers told me I was a "f***in' retard, just leave" when a single whisper came through that barrage of hatred and I still remember exactly what it said: "No need to get down about it. Everyone makes mistakes! Just remember that we all started somewhere. Now, come on, let's get this boss downed. :) "

After the raid, we hung around and chatted for a bit, and she ended up running me through ICC to get me a title I've always wanted. I had long since thought the WoW community had gone, but Starbreak helped me turn that around and I've made an amazing friend as a result of it. -- Anonymous

Caught being uber: Eagerbull, Caelestrasz (US-Horde) plus others Just had to write in and report what I consider to be an awesome display of Uberness by Eagerbull (Caelestrasz-US) and others last night (3/11/2013).

I was hanging out on Timeless Isle to complete the last quest for the legendary cloak (defeat all four celestials), very excited to be so close after so long, but as a casual player with limited time for WoW, had resigned myself that this may take a while (was thinking weeks). Fortunately there was a request in general "LFM Cel." Yes, count me in -- one down, I thought.

During the boss fight, leader Eagerbull mentioned they were doing all four celestials for anyone that wanted to stay grouped. I couldn't believe my luck. During the third celestial (for me, anyway), I found out Eagerbull and some others had already done the first celestial. When I mentioned I still needed one celestial, Eagerbull volunteered to stay grouped to allow me to complete the celestial.

Other raid members joined in stating they would also stay. I expected most would leave and we would need to refill the raid; the majority of people stayed, although I'm sure most had nothing to gain except my sincere gratitude, and I now have a shiny new orange cloak! What a remarkable example of uberness. To Eagerbull and the rest of the raid (sorry, I was too excited to have actually completed the quest that I didn't record the other uber players, but they will know who they are): Thank you all. -- Unwell, Caelestrasz, (US-Horde)

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