Glympse adds in-flight tracking to its location-sharing service

Location-sharing app Glympse has added a new feature that'll allow users to track a friend or loved one while they fly. Glympse has partnered with in-flight WiFi service Gogo to bring this new In-flight feature to life.

If you've never used Glympse, the service allows users to send temporary location-tracking information to another person via text messaging. It allows recipients to see where you are and when you are slated to arrive at your destination. Glympse works great when you are driving long distances by car, bus or train.

This new In-flight option expands the tracking service to air travel and will keep others abreast of your location and your arrival time so they can be on time to pick you up at the airport when your flight lands. Yes, people can use a general flight-tracking app to find similar information, but the Glympse option adds a personal touch. It's a great addition for folks who already use the app for location sharing while driving or traveling by bus or train.

The new flight-tracking option will go live on November 8.