Neverwinter sheds light on Dread Ring zone

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|11.06.13

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Neverwinter sheds light on Dread Ring zone
Neverwinter sheds light on Dread Ring zone
The Neverwinter community is buzzing over the upcoming Shadowmantle module, and today Cryptic is giving us a closer look at one of its core features: the Dread Ring campaign.

The Dread Ring is a new zone in which Valindra Shadowmantle and her motley crew are attempting to resurrect a mighty dragon in order to make it the world's biggest dracolich. The zone has many significant landmarks amidst the bones of this long-dead dragon, but Valindra's Tower, an epic dungeon, will be the one everyone will be eying.

The dev diary gives some of the lore behind the region, but of course all preservationist players have skipped past that to see which rewards might be worth the risk. Cryptic assures us that these will be "more plentiful and more powerful" than anything seen to date.

The studio is also tweaking its daily quest system, promising more variety in the themes, instances, and rewards that it offers.
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