Wargaming founds mobile game studio

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|11.06.13

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Wargaming founds mobile game studio
Wargaming founds mobile game studio
It seems as though the Wargaming empire is expanding its reach, as the company recently founded a new mobile game studio in Seattle.

The studio, which currently lacks a public name, is headed up by mobile game vet David Bluhm. Wargaming is giving the start-up freedom to choose its own direction and business strategy while providing it with its funding, global marketing, and distribution. This studio is separate from Wargaming Seattle (formerly Gas Powered Games).

Bluhm had a few words to say about his team's mission: "We think mobile games is still a relatively new space with massive upside. Mobile is ripe for innovative and new core game mechanics." He said that more information about the studio's upcoming titles will be revealed soon.
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