Hoping to honor composer, fan crafts new Ni no Kuni score

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Hoping to honor composer, fan crafts new Ni no Kuni score
Sam Joseph Delves adores the score composed for Ni no Kuni by Joe Hisaishi. So much so that he's enlisted professional musicians to help him recreate the entire thing.

Initially, Delves' thought to capture the attention of Hisaishi by simply re-creating his Ni no Kuni score as a hobby. Delves set up a Tumblr (aptly title "SamScoresNiNoKuni") to document his efforts, but once word spread, he received an unexpected outpouring of support for his work.

The video you see above is Delves performing alongside an orchestra enlisted by BBC documentary composer Howard Davidson. The SamScoresNiNoKuni Tumblr features an additional 15 songs drawn from the game, and those of you who particularly enjoy Delves' take on Hisaishi's music can download a free, three-song EP directly from the site.

Despite Delves' impressive work, he has yet to have any contact with Joe Hisaishi.
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