Max Gentlemen, extreme manners hat-stacking sim, gets funded

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Max Gentlemen, extreme manners hat-stacking sim, gets funded
Max Gentlemen, a game inspired by a spam email of the same name sent to Organ Trail developers The Men Who Wear Many Hats, has greatly surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter. The game was seeking a mere $500 but ended up grossing over $12,000.

At its core, Max Gentlemen is an arcade-style game about Victorian-era gentlemen seeing who can stack their hats the highest. Players must stack hats while avoiding obstacles across different venues, including the bar room brawl seen above. The original pitch video also reveals a stage coach level.

Max Gentlemen will be a free download on iOS, Android, Ouya, PC, Mac and Linux. The game will feature several different modes, levels, hats, gentlemen and hat-stacking duels against other human players through cross-platform multiplayer. In addition to receiving the game, all Kickstarter backers get a fan-game from Brine Software called Boxing Simulator 1898.
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