The Banner Saga marches to PC and Mac in January

Stoic Studio's strategy RPG The Banner Saga will launch on January 14, 2014. The developer announced that the game is essentially "playable from front to back," in an update on its Kickstarter page. Stoic Studios earned $723,886 on the funding platform in April 2012 to develop the full game.

The Banner Saga is a hand-animated RPG inspired by Norse culture, complete with horned vikings and characters classes like archers, warriors and raiders. Stoic Studio says the game will feature a conversation system in which player's decisions will merit some form of consequence in the game's story, which is noted as more mature than the animated visuals might indicate at first glance. The developer launched a related stand-alone, free-to-play online multiplayer game on Steam called The Banner Saga: Factions in February as a means of providing backers a taste of the turn-based combat in The Banner Saga early.