PS Plus adds Resogun, Contrast and Ibb and Obb this week

This week's PS Plus goodies, a mixture of freebies for subscribers on both PS3 and PS4, have been posted. Ibb & Obb, a gravity-based co-op puzzle game, will be offered on the PS3 side, while PS Plus members who grab a PS4 at launch on Friday can download both Resogun and Contrast gratis.

Resogun is Housemarque's voxel-based shmup where players, navigating a closed 2D plane, attempt to save citizens from the clutches of evil invading aliens. Contrast, from Compulsion Games, centers around two main characters: an older girl named Dawn that players control and Didi, a younger girl who has just lost her mother.

In addition to the free games, PS Plus members can also indulge in a special starter pack for free-to-play shooter Warframe. The pack includes both premium and free currency, a weapon mod pack and three-day boosts for both experience and credits.

Finally, tomorrow will yield its annual slew of discounts for PS Plus and base PSN users alike. Beyond Good & Evil HD, Divekick, Street Fighter X Tekken and Outland are just a few of the games up for sale. You can peruse the full list over on the PlayStation Blog.