Deutsche Telekom and RSA team on hack-resistant internet connections

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It's easy to find security experts who can safeguard corporate internet connections against cyber attacks. However, it's hard to get someone who can stop attacks before they do any damage -- and that's where Deutsche Telekom hopes to make a difference. It's partnering with the security gurus at RSA on services that will include both early detection of attacks as well as "clean pipe" internet connections, which route data through hack-resistant lines. While the German provider isn't divulging its pricing just yet, it's targeting small- and medium-sized businesses willing to pay a fixed monthly fee; the toughened internet access is likely to be (relatively) affordable when it launches early next year. It's certainly well-timed. When many Europeans are already nervous about digital intruders, we wouldn't be surprised if Deutsche Telekom lands quite a few early customers.

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